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Pulp Hero

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The Twenties and Thirties were a golden age of adventure as two-fisted heroes and daring explorers came to life in the pages of pulp magazines. Now you can create roleplaying games and characters set in this thrilling era!

Pulp Hero discusses and describes the Pulp genre for gaming, covering everything from masked crime fighters, to globetrotting adventurers, to daring pilots, to eerie menaces... and beyond! It shows how to create characters, campaigns, abilities, weapons, and other elements of the genre using the HERO System rules. It includes:
  • A thorough examination of the Pulp genre and its subgenres, with guidelines and suggestions for simulating all the elements and aspects of the genre in the HERO System.
  • A month-by-month timeline of the 1920-39 period, with items arranged by subject for easy reference.
  • A detailed description of the world of the Pulp era, from the streets of New York City and London, to the jungles of Africa, to the tropical islands of the South Seas, to the clubs of Shanghai.
  • An extensive section on creating Pulp Hero characters, including over three dozen Package Deals representing characters’ professions and backgrounds, information and expanded rules for popular Skills and Perks, and “Heroic Talents” abilities for Pulp characters.
  • The guns, vehicles, and gear of the Pulp era — including the amazing creations of Weird Science!
  • Advice for GMs about creating and running Pulp Hero campaigns, including Heroic Action Points rules for simulating the incredible luck and amazing coincidences that help Pulp heroes.
Get ready for the amazing adventures of Pulp Hero!