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Hello fellow roleplaying game enthusiasts! I'm Ed Lazor, the owner of RPG Market. Whether you have questions, need support, or have something exciting related to roleplaying games to share, I'm here for you. I'm also constantly on the lookout for new and interesting products to feature on the website. So, if you have games you'd like to sell, I'd love to hear about them!

Here is how you can reach me:

  1. Contact Form: Easiest way to get in touch! Just drop your message in the form on this page, and I'll get back to you as swiftly as I can.
  2. Facebook: Let's connect on Facebook. Feel free to drop a message or comment; I'm always ready for a good RPG talk.
  3. Email: You can email me anytime at Whether it's a query or a detailed proposal for selling your games, I'm all ears.
  4. Phone Call: If you prefer a more direct approach, feel free to call me at 503-867-3557. Whether it's advice on a game or discussing a potential sale, I'm here to help.
  5. Website Chat: Look for the chat option here on the bottom right corner of the website. It's perfect for quick questions or if you need immediate help while browsing through RPG Market.

Selling Your Games? If you're interested in selling your roleplaying games through RPG Market, please provide a list of items, a detailed description of their condition, and any other relevant information. This helps me understand what you're offering and how we can best present it to our fellow gamers.

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