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Turn Old Games Into New Adventures!

RPG Treasures

Make the most of your old games...

Hello, I am Ed Lazor, the owner of RPG Market. I have helped many people like you make the most of old used games. Don't let them sit around collecting dust when it's so easy to sell them for cash or trade them for newer and more exciting games! Who knows? You might even have something that's rare and worth a lot of money. Let's have fun finding out together!


1. Maximize Your RPG Value: I am dedicated to ensuring you get the highest payout for your roleplaying games and related products. My approach goes beyond the basics - I dive deep into the RPG market to come up with the most accurate and up-to-date evaluations and I carefully assess the condition of your RPG items, taking into account factors like rarity, condition, and completeness. This attention to detail helps to ensure that you receive a fair valuation of your RPG collections worth.

2. Effortless Process: Selling your RPG treasures is incredibly easy. I handle the intricacies, making it a hassle-free experience.

3. Free Shipping: Don't worry. I've got the shipping costs covered and I'm happy to guide you through packing and shipping everything. In some cases I can even schedule to have someone come by and pick up the packages for you.

4. No Collection Cherry-Picking: Unlike some other buyers, I won't cherry-pick your RPG collection. I'm committed to helping you extract the most value from every RPG gem.

5. Secure Payments: Rest easy knowing that I use secure payments and insurance to ensure every transaction is smooth and worry-free.

6. Your Success Is My Priority: My philosophy is simple: when you're happy, I'm happy too. The more cash you earn from your RPG treasures, the more likely you are to explore new epic adventures with me - a win-win for all RPG enthusiasts!

7. Store Credit Option: Choosing store credit for your games gives you even more buying power toward hundreds of products that we carry in stock.

Next Step?

Please head over to the Contact page and leave a message with basic details of how I can reach you along with a description of your collection. I will get back with you as soon as possible to answer any questions you might have while I research the value of your books and games. It may take a bit, depending on the size of the collection, but it should not take too long for me to provide you with an offer. Once you're ready, I can have the money to you the same day.

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