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A compendium of magical computers, robots, and dweoware for your d20 campaign.

"I, Robot. You, Wormfood!"

You, too, can make this threat if you're an 8' tall, elementally powered mithrium endoskeleton wrapped in 3 inch thick adamantium plates and sporting 360 degree vision, deflector screens, and turbo motivators while bringing a 15d8 delayed blast fireball online.

The arcane science of technomagic once again yields a terrifying crop: magical robots, dweonetics, and computers. From not-so-innocent beginnings as golems, the long history of technomagical development has resulted in the magical robot! And, to control these automatons demanded the invention of the arcane computer. From there, it was but a short leap to melding magical machine and man with dweonetics - arcane cybernetic devices implanted directly into living subjects!

With the equipment and rules in FACTORY you can:

Create your own robotic player character using the 7 character robot models (domestic, service, sports, security, industrial, military and companion) and more than 200 robot upgrades.

Customize the 9 stock robots with over 200 robot upgrades to create a nearly limitless assortment of unique magical machines!

Design your own powered battlesuit from 3 stock models and 200 upgrades.

Mix man and magical machine with over 200 dweonetic items, from adrenal stimulators, aural masks, and dermal weaves to faithguards, flux generators, hidden blades, muscle grafts, and visual translocators!

Suffer the deleterious effects of dweonetic surgery mishaps, such as arcane psychosis and ethereotic seizure!

Fear the 3 new creature templates: robotic, dweoborg, and ethereotic!

Battle for your life against a horde of monstrous robots!

Wreak havoc in an army of pre-designed powered exosuits, from Little Big Guns to the Malefactor!

Exploit a suite of new spells!

Computerize the lairs of sinister monsters and other dens of scum and villainy with magical computers designed with more than 50 hardware and software items.

Hack your way into magical computer systems with a new computer use system that includes detailed schematics and the Computer Use and Profession (Computer Hardware Technician) skills!

Store important information on magical datapads! Keep your arcane knowledge in a handy spellpad! Cast spells directly from a nifty scrollpad!

Mechanize your d20 campaign into an age of technomagical proliferation!